Progress Report

We got up early to a great breakfast made by Pamela. All of the Ugandans are so very friendly! We have felt very welcomed and are grateful for the friendships we are developing.

So far, we have visited 6 wells. One well had no pump head, one well was working but the water took a long time to pump and come out, and the other four wells were non-functional.

Joseph, our driver, let Bart take the wheel with his International Drivers’ License and said he drove like a ‘commando.’ Bart is not sure what he meant, but had fun!

We installed both Rainwater Collection/Catchment Systems (RCS) today. The installation crew arrived yesterday, and worked yesterday and today to install the RCSs. The systems included all the gutters, downspouts, two 10,000 litre water tanks, and 3 filters to make sure the water is drinkable immediately from the tap.

Afterwards, we drove to Ibanda to get fuel (for the 3rd time – total of 750,000 UGX = $300), bought 3 mattresses (2 for Covenant Mercies facilities), 5 pillows, Coke, an Energy drink, rice, baby formula, and also checked on 2 more 10,000 litre water tanks.

We enjoyed a great dinner of goat stew, rice, mashed potatoes, chapati, and tea.

We will have a chicken butchering session in the morning to watch ‘dinner’ being prepped.

Thank you for all the encouraging comments!

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Aaron S. Huie is a passionate entrepreneur, full-time business student, independent investor and an avid speaker dedicated to helping other's see their potential so clearly, that they are inspired to achieve it. Concurrently Aaron serves as CNO and marketing lead at Valour Corp, a consulting firm based out of DC where he works to develop the physical and virtual presentation of the businesses and individuals that he represents. Since the age of thirteen, Aaron has been an active public speaker and driven leader in several volunteer and non-profit organizations.

3 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. sherly


    So happy to here all the progress your doing.

    Much prays & blessing to you and everyone else,

    love to Pamela

  2. Beth KRAATZ

    Hey commando! I keeping thinking of you guys & praying for you. Remembering the day Pamela took a chicken on the bus & later we ate that chicken for lunch. Let us know how it’s done. Please greet Pamela and Pastor Ben for me. What do you think of the rain water system?


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