Heading Back to Uganda

Uganda April 224edited

We are looking forward to taking a 7 member team back to Western Uganda in August to repair three remaining broken bore-hole wells. We also plan to oversee the installation of three Rainwater Collection Systems at three related churches in the network of churches under Pastor Moses Nkwatsibwe’s purview. These are remote locations that currently have no access to clean water. In April, we shared about our experience at a village next to Lake George. We saw how the villagers were drinking the filthy lake water that is contaminated with manure from cattle that washes into the lake. We were told how a majority of the children in the village are chronically affected by dysentery as a result. We can’t wait to see these people drinking clean water by the end of our trip! While repairing the three bore-hole wells alone will restore clean water to over 8,000 additional people a day, the 3 RCS installations should provide clean water to an additional 9,000 people per day. We will also continue to train the local village leaders and SMI staff in how to oversee their own wells and provide for their own maintenance and repair in the future.

Initially, we plan to devote our organization’s efforts to building a sustainable model in Western Uganda that can be replicated elsewhere. Our ultimate goal is to partner with local churches in impoverished and aid-dependent regions of the world to foster lasting improvement in the living conditions of members of these communities, while strengthening the Church. Since the church is a natural place for those in need to come for assistance and care, we want to strengthen the ability of local churches to reach their communities with works of service and outreach. Our scope is holistic in that we want to assist churches to minister to the needs of the whole community, including clean water, food, health, medicine, education, business development, and social services. Our ultimate goal is to implement these improvements in a way that is sustainable in the long-term, and continuously glorifies God. As we get established in the months to come, we look forward to your support in these key areas. In the meantime, thank you for your prayers!

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